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Install Ubuntu 13.10 on VirtualBox

Review The latest release of Ubuntu 13.10 is here. I've installed it on a VirtualBox virtual machine running on a Mac OS host. This version is an improved version of 13.04. It is much more stable than the previous version. Please note that Ubuntu is a resource intensive OS. Please ensure that your host OS is running on a powerful hardware. Please allocate more memory to the virtual machine. You can use Ubuntu 13.10 as your primary OS. Please refer to the installation instruction below. Installation Notes Setting up Virtual Machine On VirtualBox select " New ". Enter the name of virtual machine. Click " Continue ". Set your memory allocation for this virtual machine. Click " Continue ". Select an existing virtual hard drive or create a new one. Click " Continue ". If you are creating a new virtual hard drive, select the hard drive file type. Select the default. Click " Conti