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Local Machine, Virtual Machine and Cloud

Previously, when we need to install Linux on a local machine, we need to get extra hard disk space, and we need to configure grub so that our PC will dual boot. If we need to install more Linux distribution we need to partition more hard disk space. That happened in the last decade. When virtual machine mature, we are able to install VMWare, VirtualBox, or Parallel in our host system. From the virtual machine application, we can create many disk image where each image contain different operating system. Using virtual machine also has its restriction. First, we need a lot of hard disk space to keep the image; second, we need lost of RAM if we were to run multiple virtual machine (vm) at the same time. Furthermore, we need to bring external hard disk to run the vm for mobility. Now, there is a better way, although it might cost a bit of money. We would like to introduce AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. Although there products are more suitable for big organization. This does not pre