Screen Capture on Max OS X

To perform screen capture in Mac OS X use the following keys:

Command+Shift+3 - Screen capture the whole desktop
Command+Shift+4 - Draw custom screen (A + sign appears and you draw the space you need to capture)
Command+Shift+4 then Space - A camera icon appears and you can select which application window you want to capture

To copy the screen shot to clipboard add Ctrl such as Command+Shift+Ctrl+3 will capture the entire desktop and save to the clipboard.

Use Applications
The application allows you to display drop down menu and cursor while performing screen capture.

To use this app from Finder, select Applications >> Utilities and select the app

Under "Capture", you are given various options: Selection, Window, Screen and Time Screen. The first 3 options are similar except that it captures the cursor.

The most useful option is Time Screen. Once selected, you are given 10 seconds to select the drop down menu and point the cursor to the desired location.



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