Net Install Fedora 18

The following is the installation procedure of installing Fedora 18 using netinstall CD. I've tested the installation on a VirtualBox VM. I will be installing the minimal packages.

Once you start booting from the netinstall CD. You will be shown the anaconda installation wizard as shown below:

Select your language preference and click "Continue".

The next screen shows all the installation options. You can change the date & time, keyboard setup, software selection and installation destination. We usually leave the installation source and networking configuration alone. Most of them are set to default except that you need to select the installation destination. Select "Installation Destination".

Since I am using a virtual machine, there is only one disk to select. Click "Continue".

Personally I like to set the partition type to "Standard partition". You can use the default "LVM" if you wish. Click "Continue". You will be brought back to the "Installation Summary" page. Select "Software Package" if you wish to determine which software you want to install.

There are many options and add-on that you could choose from. I prefer minimal install in order to minimize the installation foot print.

Select "Minimal Install" or you can select the software packages that suits your requirement. Click "Done" when finish.

Review your installation options before you begin installation. Select "Begin Installation".

While waiting for installation to complete, you need to set the root password.

Select the root password and click "Done" when finish. Please note that the installation may take a longer time because the installer is downloading the latest packages from the web.

Select "Reboot" when finish.

  • The good thing about netinstall is that you do not need to perform update since the installer will download and install the most updated packages.
  • For minimal install, you do not need to set default users. You need to login as root and configure manually.

I will post the configurations in the later post. 



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