Setting Google Analytics Dashboard to Default Date Range

If you use Google Analytics Dashboard, you will notice that the default date range is 30 days from yesterday. However, after you have used some customized date range, you could not fall back to the default date range.

After some searching, I realized that all the setting is in the URL. You could not fall back to the default date range if you bookmark the site with your customized date or you have left the tabs open after using customized date range.

By default the url is

If you start customizing date range, the url will change to

To reset the default date range remove the section starting with /%3F_u.date00%3..../ and click refresh to reload the Analytics Dashboard. The default date range is now set.

Alternatively, close the tab and google the analytics site and relogin again or you can access using this url on a separate tab >>



  1. Hello, Thanks for a really helpful summary. I was looking for some setting when it was the URL. Great insight. As ever, Martin

  2. If you are new in the field of Google analytics it all looks a bit complicated. Google dashboard gives you an overview how your properties are performing. Setting of a date range is very much necessary. In most of the cases Google analytics focus on last 30 days data, but it's not a compulsion, you can change it if you want. Just click on the date and a calendar where you can select your suitable date. For more information related to Google analytics visit this blog-

  3. I am no ├╝bergeek, but this was exactly what i was looking for.. thanks


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