Playing Real Media (rm ram files) in Fedora or Linux

Please be aware that RealNetworks, the company that created the Real media format, no longer support Real Player for Linux. There are a few options that allows you to play Real media (rm and ram files) in Fedora or any other distribution of Linux.

Playing Real Media with VLC Media Player
If you've installed VLC media player, it will play Real media without any problems.The images may appear distorted for a while when you fast forward the video.
To install VLC media player, use the command:
$sudo yum install vlc

Playing Real Media with MPlayer
MPlayer is pre-loaded with Fedora, to play Real Media you need to allow the Player to search and install the necessary codecs and library files. You need to perform the search and installation of codecs a few times. I manage to play a sample file on the third attempt.

Playing Real Media with Real Player
You can still download and install the last version of Real Player. Please check my post Install Real Player 11 on Fedora

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