Install VirtualBox Linux Guest Additions for Fedora 16

This configuration guide is for those who have successfully  installed Fedora 16 on VirtualBox. You need to install the Linux Guest Additions in order to run GNOME 3 and share folders between the host and Fedora client.

System Update
Before any installation, please update your system by running the following command:
  • $sudo yum update
Please reboot the system if you have just installed a new kernel.

Pre-Installation Setup
Before installing VirtualBox Linux Guest Additions, you need to install gcc, dkms and kernel development module. Use the following command:
  • $sudo yum install gcc kernel-devel dkms
Next you need to mount the Linux Guest Additions Image Disc. Under the VirtualBox menu bar, select Devices >> Install Guest Additions...

Click cancel if they ask if you want to run the disc image.

Install Linux Guest Additions
Once the disc image is mounted, use the following command (case sensitive):
  1. $ cd /media/VBOXADDITIONS*
  2. $ sudo ./
You need to reboot the system after the installation is complete.

After installation of VirtualBox Linux Guest Additions, you should be able to run GNOME3 on VirtualBox. If you still encounter problems, please make sure that your video RAM is at least 128MB and 3D Acceleration is checked.

Automation Scripts
For advanced user who prefer to run scripts. You can download the scripts I have created: FC16-vbox-guest-addition-noarch

Remember to perform the command: 
$sudo chmod +x FC16-vbox-guest-addition-noarch
    Open a new terminal and navigate to the folder you have stored this script and run: 
    $sudo ./FC16-vbox-guest-addition-noarch

      *** End ***


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