Install Dropbox on Fedora 16 / Fedora 17

Update (16 Jan 2013):

Hi! Fedora 18 is here, for installing Dropbox on Fedora 18 check out this post Install Dropbox on Fedora 18.

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Install Dropbox on Fedora 16 / Fedora 17

This installation guide has been tested for Fedora 16 and Fedora 17. To install Dropbox in Fedora 17, we need to configure a Dropbox repository and perform a yum install from the system terminal.

Configure Dropbox Repository
Create a file called dropbox.repo with the following:
name=Dropbox Repository

You can also download a copy from here. Place the file under /etc/yum.repos.d.

Installing Dropbox
Run yum install using the command:
sudo yum install nautilus-dropbox

Note: If you encounter any error while downloading nautilus-dropbox. You might need to change the base url in the repo file from$releasever/ to

Completing the Installation
After installation is done, you need to run Dropbox (Applications >> Internet >> Dropbox) application to complete the installation and configure an user account.

Click "OK"

Wait for the installation to complete.

Select "I already have a Dropbox account"

Enter your Dropbox account information and follow the installation.

You could also download a script file I've created to automate the installation process.

Running Script File
Remember to give execution permission to the script by running the command:
sudo chmod +x FC17-dropbox-install-noarch
sudo ./FC17-dropbox-install-noarch

*** End ***


  1. Doesn't work for me.
    Seems like there is no subdomain,
    Any suggestions?

    1. I am sorry that I could not replicate your problem. I've downloaded my automated scripts and it works fine on a fresh installed Fedora 17. Please ensure that your system is updated with the latest patch.

      Alternatively, you could go to and download the rpm file separately.You can run the rpm file using the command rpm -ivh programname. Using this method would not allow your system to update any patch on dropbox.

      Please note that I've not tested with any other desktop implementation such as unity etc.

  2. Problem getting public key?

    GPG key retrieval failed: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found :

    1. Try again later. Sometimes, the server may be down for maintenance.

    2. I get the same error. I checked the index of '' and the file 'rpm-public-key.asc' does not exist.

      The server is definately working.

    3. It seems that the GPG file is missing from the server. Users has highlighted the problem in the dropbox support forum. You need to wait for dropbox to restore the GPG file,

      Alternatively, you can download the rpm file from need to run the rpm file using the command rpm -ivh program-name.

  3. please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when ever install dropbox in fedora 16 i am getting this error, i don't know how could find-out out this please answer me please...............

    Trouble connecting to Dropbox servers. Maybe your internet connection is down, or you need to set your http_proxy environment variable

    1. It seems that Dropbox could not connect to its server. First ensure that you are able to surf the internet. Then ensure that you are able to login Dropbox from web browser.

      There are many reasons why you are not able to connect to the server. My instinct tells me that perhaps it has to do with your firewall.

      If you still encounter problem, you should contact technical support.


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