Install Google Chrome on Fedora 17

Update (16 Jan 2013):

Fedora 18 is here, for installing Chrome in Fedora 18 check out this post Install Google Chrome on Fedora 18.

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Install Google Chrome on Fedora 17

The recommended way to install Google Chrome is to navigate to the Google Chrome site at, the site will automatically detect your operating system and display the appropriate download for you. The installation screenshot is listed below.

Installing Google Chrome (Recommended Method)
First visit the site The site will detect you operating system and display the appropriate download page as below.

Click "Download Google Chrome"

Select 32-bit or 64-bit rpm file (For Fedora/openSUSE). Click "Agree and Install".

If you are using Firefox browser, it will display a box as above. Select "Open with Software Install" and Click "OK".

Click "Install".

Depending of which software you have installed previously. You may received an additional box that inform you to install additional dependencies software. Install any dependencies software as per recommendation. The installation will complete after a while. To confirm, Google Chrome is located under Applications >> Internet.

Special Note on Installing Chrome using Yum
Previously, you can use yum to install Chrome from Google Linux Repository. Although the repository still work, however, the latest Chrome is not in the repository. I have successfully install Chrome using yum but I could not launch the program. Therefore, I would not recommend to install Google Chrome using yum.

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