Install Google Chrome on Fedora 18, 19, 20

Last Update (Jan 24 2014): Update for Fedora 20

The recommended way to install Google Chrome is to navigate to the Google Chrome site at, the site will automatically detect your operating system and display the appropriate download for you.

Download Google Software Package Public Signing Key (Important!)

Before you proceed to install Chrome, you need to download and import the public signing key from Google. You can skip this step if you have done this before while installing other Google products. Use the following command:

sudo rpm --import 

Please note that you only need to download the public key only once for all Google products in Linux.

Installing Google Chrome 

Then, you visit the site The site will detect you operating system and display the appropriate download page as below. Click Download Chrome.

Select 64-bit .rpm (For Fedora/openSUSE). Click Accept and Install.

If you are using Firefox browser, it will display a box as below. Select Open with Software Install and Click OK.

Click Install. You may need to enter your password to authentication.

Depending of which software you have installed previously. You may received an additional box that inform you to install additional dependencies software. Install any dependencies software as per recommendation.

Click Continue to complete the installation. The installation will complete after a while. For Fedora 19 and Fedora 20, the installer will just resolve the package dependencies and proceed with the installation.

To confirm, Google Chrome is located under Show Applications >> Internet for Fedora 18.

For Fedora 19 and Fedora 20, click Activities and type in "chrome" to search the application. It will appear as follows:


If you received the following error, you have not downloaded Google's public key yet. Please following the instruction above.



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